Thank you for your trust and interest in our kittens and Cattery!

We are experienced Maine Coon breeders who are registered with TICA and CFA.

Our Guiding Principles

We always follow TICA and CFA code of ethics, which is important for us and our clients. We are honest and responsible. We always have current and/or upcoming litters. We have many different Maine Coon cats that have different types, coat colors, and patterns, such as: Black, Black Smoke, Blue, Blue Smoke, Red Silver Shaded Polydactyl, Black Smoke Polydactyl, Black Silver Polydactyl, Blue Silver Tabby, Black Silver Tabby. Next year we are planning to start breeding Red Tabby and Red Solid kitties as well.

Our Approach & Basics

Our cats live inside our house, they are our family members, we love them all and care for them as if they were our own children. We provide them the best and healthy food, toys, veterinary care, healthy and happy environment. Before our kittens are ready to join their new family, they are trained to use litter box, socialized with kids, vaccinated, dewormed, have their veterinary exams and confirmed health. However, kittens are live creatures, and sometimes might have some health issues like any other animal or human. In the case some of our furry babies experience health issues (that we always pray never happens), the kitten will still be available for purchase but with a very generous discount. Perspective buyer will be fully informed about kitten's health condition, and will have to sign acknowledgement agreement before buying the kitten.

Our Pricing

Kittens are not offered for purchasing right after they are born. We always take a few weeks for their full health evaluation. After health evaluation is done, the price is assigned for each kitten. Price is based on kitten's health, color, sex, and strong breeding characteristics. The litters with Polydactyl and/or Shaded coat colors parents have much higher price. Silver, Smoke, Shaded, Polydactyl cats are more expensive than Tabby or Solid colors. To be more specific, an average price range for completely healthy non-Polydactyl or non-Shaded kitten is $2000 - $3000. Polydactyl and Shaded kittens price will start from $3000 and up.

We have to mention that we are not selling breeding rights.

If we have a new cat purchased from a different Cattery for breeding, first, we make sure they are completely healthy and checked for most common Maine Coon's genetic mutations: HCM, PKD, SMA; and FIV-FELV viruses to make sure they will have healthy kittens before we breed them.

Our Requirements

Before selling a kitten we are asking perspective buyers to describe themselves, tell us a little about their family, their environment, the reason why they would like to buy the kitten, how they plan to take care of the kitten, their travelling plans / schedules and who will be taking care of the kitten during their absence due to travelling. We also inquire about other pets in the house, as well as plans to move to a different State or Country. Perspective buyers will have to provide the veterinary clinic information where they will make appointments for vaccines, checkups, etc. We also keep the right to visit buyer's place (if necessary and by appointment only) to make sure that the environment is suitable for their furry baby. We are not selling kittens to be the toys for children. We don't want anyone feel uncomfortable about those personal questions, just please understand that we want to make sure that our babies will live in a safe place, will be loved and cared for.

Our Waiting List

There are two options for you to choose whenever you decide to buy a kitten:

1. Follow our Facebook page for updates on kittens availability from arrived litter and future litters as well;

2. Sign up for Waiting list and you will be contacted when we have available kittens.

For Waiting list you don't have to sign an Agreement or pay a deposit. There's only one Waiting list for all litters and it has unlimited spots. If you would like to be signed for Waiting list, please send us e-mail to usamainecoons@gmail.com with following information: tell us about yourself and your environment , your full legal name, phone number, e-mail address, city and state where you live, kitten's preferences: color, type, sex or simply fill the form posted bellow on this page. Waiting list is flexible, because sometimes people are waiting for the litters that are expected by the end of the year or even beginning of the next one because they are looking for a kitty of a specific sex and/or color and/or type. If you find a kitten from another breeder while being on the Waiting list, simply let us know and we will remove your name from our Waiting list.

Our Shipping/Delivery

We ship or deliver kittens to the different States or Countries all over the world using a few options:

1. Personal delivery (the most preferable option) – the kitten will be delivered by the plane (not cargo section). We can meet you at SoCal airports (San Diego, LAX, Ontario, Burbank), or we can fly to your State or Country's local airport. The cost of this service is simply the price for a round trip plus $200 service fee.

2. Professional pet Courier – a kitten flies with other pets by plane (inside or cargo), the prices vary depending on the State or Country, air-tickets cost, and courier's charges.

3. Personal delivery by car is available if the distance does not exceed 400 miles. The cost for this type of delivery is gas expenses plus $300 service fee.

4. Cargo shipping (the least preferable option) – kitten gets delivered by plane in Cargo section alone. We personally don't like this type of delivery and offer it when the other options are impossible to use. The price for Cargo shipping is about $300-$500 in United States.

What We Provide

Our Cattery is happy to provide all of you the registration documents, the parents' genetic testing and other documentation. We are open for real time video chats for those people who lives far from Southern California so they can see the kittens before buying them. We are open for visitors after kitten's first set of vaccines is done. However, only one visitor at a time is allowed inside of the cattery and that person must be completely healthy.

There Is Our Adoption Application Below

Breeding this cat, accidentally or intentionally is prohibited for health and well being of these wonderful pets. Doing so will result in legal measures. We take breeding cats very seriously and do not want to contribute to unwanted pet population.

USA Maine Coons NewLogica Cattery cat adoptions require a $500 Non-Refundable deposit upon reserving a cat. This deposit will be applied to the total price for the cat adoption. Once the deposit has been paid- you have agreed to adopt a cat or kitten from USA Maine Coons NewLogica Cattery and we will reserve the cat/kitten for you. If you should change your mind thereafter the deposit is nonrefundable. If USA Maine Coons NewLogica Cattery cancels the reservation, the deposit is refunded.

By submitting this form you confirm that you have completed this application truthfully and fully understand the adoption process.